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For almost 20 years now, American Coil has built and maintained our reputation as a leading U.S. manufacturer of Commercial and industrial HVAC hot water coils, cold water coils, chiller coils, steam coils, booster coils, heat exchangers, immersion coils, refrigeration, air conditioning, condenser, evaporator and DX Freon coils. In addition, we can design and build almost any custom tube and fin coil using copper, aluminum, or both. Scratch it on a piece of paper (or the back of a napkin if you’re local) and we can build it!  For years American Coil has been serving mechanical contractors, resellers and reps, major aerospace, research/development, O.E.M. manufacturing, and the U.S. Government with custom and replacement heat transfer products. We are regarded as a cost effective alternative to original equipment coils. Often our coils are preferred over their O.E.M. counterparts because of our ability to improve certain aspects of the original coil that may have been unsatisfactory, such as service life or efficiency.  Our engineering department has over 70 years combined experience in the heat transfer industry.

The exceptional level of experience our engineers bring to the table allows us to offer superior designs on custom coils and performance optimization of existing designs. We are regularly asked to improve air or water flow, reduce fan or pump backpressure and/or increase efficiency without increasing overall coil size. American Coil’s customers know that we consistently deliver well designed and constructed products that stand the test of time while under the demands of constant use. All our products are manufactured right here in the good ol’ USA! Each unit is individually leak tested with compressed nitrogen while submerged in a liquid testing solution. Once a coil has passed this rigorous testing, we guarantee it to provide long life and leak-free service.
We are an AHRI certified manufacturer, so you can rest assured that our products have passed random independent testing and performance verification. Our products are hard at work in everything from big city skyscrapers and deep-water oil rigs to roof-top chiller units atop Wal-Mart and Target stores. Every day we ship our products to our many valued customers all across the USA, and even some internationally. Additionally, American Coil has built a large and loyal customer base in our local Southern California area.

Regular production times are about 12 business days. Expedited five day service and “I need it yesterday!” three day production services are also available.
The American Coil facility in Gardena, California and its people stand ready to help your company capture as much of the replacement / repair coil business as you are able to service.

American Coil wants to earn your business. Let us build something for you.
You may come to us for our price, but you’ll stay with us for our service.

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