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American Coil can coat any of the coils we produce (or any new coil sent to us) with our proprietary AmeriCoat anti-corrosion coating system.

With less than 1% heat transfer degradation and an unsurpassed 10,000 hours of independent salt spray testing, AmeriCoat is unrivaled in durability and effectiveness. Our coating process is done on-site and generally takes just 2-3 days to complete, saving you time and shortening your total days-to-delivery.

Our Coil Options

We build replacement coils for a variety of applications from air conditioners and commercial refrigeration to aerospace applications. Our coil options include water, steam, evaporator, booster, custom coils, and condenser coils. Our experts can tackle projects from 4 inches long to 30+ feet.

Go the Extra Mile with AmeriCoat

Not only can we build replacement coils to practically any specification, but we can also coat any of the coils we produce with our anti-corrosion coating system: AmeriCoat.

With this protective coating, you can benefit from increased coil durability, minimal cleaning, and a longer operating life! 5 year corrosion warranty included!

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If you’re interested in seeing what American Coil can do for you, please request a quote! With our upcoming quotation system you will be able to change your coil information on the fly, calculate pricing and capacity interactively, and instantly see the results based on your inputs.